439V-Bella Extra White
Welcome to a new week!

 Despite not having the easiest time in the stone industry – granite products are still in high demand among our clients all over the world. We are happy to share some stories from the recent orders.

Recently we’ve got a new client from Taiwan. He is looking for a new supplier of GL pink granite. From the very beginning, we expressed our sincerity to cooperate with him in the new market- the Taiwan market.
To check the quality standards and our cooperation style the client decided to place the first 2 containers of GL pink granites, as a trial one.  Right after the first container was finished, and after we provided a detailed report of the quality control, the client gave us the second order.

Finally, he continued to give us other orders with different materials we have. In recent time, he gave us 2 containers G439 Extra white 900x600x19mm, top polished with high degree. Black spots, chromatic aberration are not acceptable in this big luxury project. If our material meets his demands in this shipment, he will give us the whole project. The first container is on the way to its destination in 5 days shipment from Ho chi minh Port, Vietnam. We hope that under our strict quality control, we will bring the good material to our client.
We feel that sincerity, honesty, and faith are the key to get the best relationship in business. Therefore, that is what we have done over the years to devolve the Vietnamese stone and bring this stone to other countries with good quality and competitive prices.

If you are an importer and a big fan of Vietnamese granite, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We will give you the information clearly and a good offer.
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