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black basalt

One of the most beautiful black stones in the world, which looks outstanding both in polished and flamed+aqua finishes. Perfectly suits for a big scale projects where stable black color is required
black basalt


Black Basalt from Vietnam is one of the top choices in our black product line. It's a perfect option for production of paving stones, flamed slabs, stairs and other heavy-duty stone products with a polished or flamed processing with aqua finish.
We are working with a reliable and trusted supplier based in Vietnam, holding a dealership agreement and preferential policy in both price and quality selection.

Wholesale prices for 2.0 cm tiles start from USD 26,33/m2 (USD 2.44/ft2) (FOB Ho Chi Minh terms).

If you are looking for a UNIQUE-LOOKING BLACK GABBRO for your project or you are a wholesaler interested to add a competitive high-margin products to your range, please leave us your message here and we will come back to you soon with our best offer.
black basalt

Stone properties

The strong physical properties of this granite allow it to be used in both indoor and outdoor areas, in both mild and severe climate conditions. Natural, smooth and stable black color is a perfect solution for both exteriors and interiors.
kg/m3 : 2890
Water absorption
% : 0.02
Bending strength
MPa: 35.8
compressive strength
mpa: 218
Processing Options
Our clients all around the world (incl. designers and architects) choose this stone as an attractive option for pavers, stairs and other heavy-duty stone products in projects where a stable black color is required.
Products Range
black basalt
Below is our reference price list for wholesale orders equal to at least one 20" GP container (=440m2 of 20mm tiles) or more. Feel free to send us your specific inquiry, so that we could work on the best offer for you.
black basalt
Quarry and Factory
The quarry which the Vietnamese Black Basalt comes from is a natural rock massif. Basalt is an igneous rock formed in the shape of dikes or columns, extracted from the quarry by drilling followed by splitting off the rock column from the massif. Thus, the size of the basalt blocks is limited by the size of these so-called columns, in contrast to the granite where you can generally extract a block of any size. The optimal size of a basalt block is 5 feet tall by 20 inches in length and width, which at the end will define the dimensions of the finished slabs. Larger sizes are achievable in special cases.

The same factory performs polishing, flame and water-jet treatment, edging and other processing of the basalt, providing a one-stop solution for semi-finished and finished products.
The production capacity of the Black Basalt processing factory is almost 25 thousand cubic feet per month. The factory is equipped with 8 superior quality sawing machines from the renown Chinese brand Kaida (which have been supplied to the Vietnamese factory by our company, hence the preferential pricing policy for the raw materials).
flamed + aqua treatment
This surface processing (flaming + 1200 Bar water-jet) is in our opinion is the most attractive and competitive both in price and aesthetic properties. The basalt treated by flame and high-pressure water-jet reveals all the beauty of its deep black color at best.
black basalt


Pagoda-Build Vietnam Trading and Logistics Co., Ltd is leasing advanced machines and cutting tools to the quarry and factory of Black Basalt in Vietnam, provides training for workers and in exchange is getting a quota of manufactured products of up to 20 containers per month at a close-to-cost dealership price. Our experienced QC team carefully checks all granite, which is produced for our customers. This is the reason why we can offer Vietnamese Black Basalt at a competitive price and in accordance with agreed quality standards.


    We supply the manufacturer of Black Basalt in Vietnam with sawing equipment and spare parts from China on favorable terms, which gives us a preferential pricing policy, top quality selection privilege, and a priority in order fulfillment.
    Pagoda-Build world-class quality control in combination with high-tech equipment on the factory- guarantees highest international quality standards of your order. The team of our Vietnam office carefully monitors each order and provides quality verification with photo and video reports.
    Pagoda-Build team has 15 years of experience in sourcing granite products from China and therefore is able to execute professional quality control in accordance with your requirements and to provide client-oriented export service.
Feel free to send us your stone inquiry by filling the form or sending direct mail to:

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TEL.: +84965056953

black basalt
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