Vietnam's first Gaspari Menotti multi-wire machine. V603 Bella White slabs from Vietnam

603V-Bella White
We're excited to share some great and promising news with you! One of our Vietnamese partner factories, with whom we've been working closely for the past few years, has installed Vietnam's first Gaspari Menotti multi-wire machine (72 wires) for cutting large granite blocks into wide-format slabs!

The Vietnamese stone industry is reaching new heights, and we're proud to be part of this process.

Together with the factory, we've started cutting Vietnamese granite V603 Bella White into wide-format slabs. In the future, we'll be adding more granite varieties from Vietnam and beyond to our wide-format slab collection.

Right now, we're ready to offer our partners from all over the world high-quality, large polished slabs made from V603 Bella White granite. This granite closely matches the color of the classic Chinese Bella White granite from Fujian province, which has been closed for quarrying for many years.

In the near future, the factory also plans to install a resin treatment line and a slab drying facility. This will allow us not only to offer polished slabs of classic fine-grained Vietnamese granites but also to provide you with resin-treated slabs of high-performing imported and various other Vietnamese materials that have natural pores and micro-cracks needing "filling."

The factory is also equipped with a wide-format polishing line from Keda (22 heads), which, combined with the multi-wire machine, produces slabs with nearly perfect flatness.

For inquiries about V603 Bella White or any other granite, we're always available to assist!
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