Hello Everyone,
From 20 - 27 of November, we invite you to join our trip to granite's quarries and factories in Vietnam!
To join in us, all you need to do is to subscribe our Instagram page: @pagodabuildvietnam (
Every day, we will share useful information about Vietnamese granite and show you Vietnam from the inside.
Date: 20-27 of November.
Time: Join us online. Connect anytime. And during online broadcasts, we will be able to answer any questions in real time.
If you are interested in our  products, feel free to drop us any your inquire about Vietnamese granites in Instagram or contact us by WhatsApp: +8486905882727.
• Friday /20 November: samples compare. Vietnamese granites VS Chinese granites. We upload video on our YouTube channel: Pagoda-Build Vietnam
• Monday/23 November: Yellow granite G682-V Sunset Gold (factory, quarry, live streams)
• Tuesday/24 November: G654-V Sesame Black (factory, quarry, live streams)
• Wednesday/25 November: G664-V Bainbrook Brown (factory, quarry, live streams)
• Friday/27 November: Live stream and results of the trip. Q&A online session in Instagram.
In between each factory visit we will show you real Vietnam: it’s culture, food, lifestyle, people etc.
We hope that our trip will bring helpfulness for your business and also will  bring our relations closer in this world.
See you next week!