682V-Sunset Gold Light
Granite is a natural stone. Therefore, the granite quality usually changes in shading, pattern, or design of slab from place to place, even at the same place, so that is why we always have strict requirements for our inspectors to choose the good granite products.
 The size of granite tiles or slabs should be like the client’s need. Tiles size tolerance should not exceed ±1,0mmin length and width and +2/-1 mm in thickness. In case, thickness tolerance more than it, these stones to be rejected.

For this sample, this order contains 200x100x50mm flamed paving stone G682- Sunset gold light. We are willing to reject any piece which is not uniform in thickness.
Spots over 25 mm in diameter, veins, and lines visible on a dry surface, splits, scratches, cavity, damages, glued parts, and chips are not accepted on flamed products and over 15mm in diameter on Polished 
One of orders G654- Dark gray granite we just shipped on October 26th, 2020 to our customer in Russia as an illustration.

Polish degree for polished surface - 80 up. The whole surface must be evenly polished. Badly polished edges, scratches from polishing pads are not acceptable

Angle between 2 contiguous edges is 90 degree. Maximum 1 mm difference between two sides of tiles is allowed.
 Besides, we concentrate on package and loading requirements to guarantee that the cargos delivered to consumes are  of good quality .

Above are basically field test to find out the granite quality. We hope that our products will bring beauty to your projects.
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