G654-V Sesame Black. Flamed and Polished Tile. Shipped to client.

654V-Sesame Black
We are happy to inform our VIP client that the first container was loaded with G654-V Sesame Black and will board the ship to Vladivostok port on January 28th, 2021. 
This order contains 600x300x20mm polished tiles and flamed tiles. Moreover, we ship 60,03m2 of mushroom tile 300x150x50mm and 60,38m2 of 1500x150x30 mm flamed tile. Despite expensive freight costs and lack of empty containers, we still do everything possible to get booking and ship out our Dark grey granite to our client for a vital project.
We will continue to ship 2 containers within this order at the beginning of February.
For more detail on our granites, feel free to contact us at or send a message to +84965056953