Video. Cambodian granite C654 Sesame Black. Samples confirmation process.

654V-Sesame Black
Short video review comparing our main options of flamed dark grey granite "C654 Sesame Black", which we supply directly from Cambodia to the USA 🇺🇸 and other countries with our professional quality control.

➡️ The video briefly demonstrates our sample confirmation process with the client before a potential order.

✅ We prepared samples per the client’s request for flamed dark grey granite with one-time brushing, aiming for a color close to original Chinese G654.

✅ We offered to our client 2 main options: 1) Small grain C654 and 2) Middle grey C654. In the video, we explain the pros and cons of each.

After the client’s confirmation, we sent the samples to the USA for final analysis.

Looking forward to the client’s feedback! 🙌

✅➡️ For dark grey granite, we believe Cambodian C654 (small and middle grain) are the best market options in terms of price and quality, closely matching the original Chinese G654 Sesame Black (quarry in China is currently closed).

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