"City Skin" - premium paving solutions. Brief and clear introduction.

City Skin
In addition to our "City Skin" section on the website, below is presented brief and more clear introduction of the the CS concept which, will believe, is useful and convenient for our new clients before placing the order.

City Skin project by Pagoda-Build (Vietnam) is taking natural stone paving to another aesthetic level by introducing unique color combinations, choosing premium Vietnamese materials (granite, basalt and marble), and applying advanced processing techniques. We have noticed that by combining these materials in certain artistic patterns, outstanding aesthetic results can be achieved.

That's how our City Skin paving collection was created. Short video above will give you a glance to our specially designed paving collection.

⚡️In our 20 years of experience in supplying natural stone products worldwide, we have observed that aesthetic aspects of granite paving have often been underlooked. In the majority of cases, developers and private homeowners use one color granite of the lowest quality grade to cover pedestrian areas or driveways. The beauty of stone is usually not revealed, because its surface is thermally processed. As a result, those areas look cheap and boring.

✅ In City Skin we believe that with an insignificant extra cost, much more stylish granite paving solutions can be created.

➡️ Each material we use is handpicked from the best quarries in the area. For each stone, we choose the most suitable surface processing technique to reveal its natural beauty.

➡️ Advanced cutting technology is used to cut special shape elements with high precision and avoid chipping.
🚢 We ship any selected City Skin pavers from Vietnam to any port of US or any other country starting from 1 container (=300m2 or 3229 sq.ft.).

➡️ Price starts from 2,79 USD/sq. ft., FOB Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam).

By request we provide a box with all City Skin patterns samples.

Contact us for providing more details and/or inquiries:

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