New Black Basalt Order From Russian Client

Black Basalt
There is a national project in Russia and Pagoda-Build Vietnam is proud to be the basalt supplier in this project. In the beginning, we ship 19 containers of black basalt 1500/1540/1760x490x30/185mm.

With a vital project, no cracks and shells on the outside are the first requests. Also, deviations from the right angle at the ends of the products are +-1mm, along with the length, and the tolerance in the thickness 185mm is +-2mm and thickness 30mm is +-1mm.

 Our workers are working hard to bring block from quarry to factory despite heavy rain and after 20 days, we have the first products. This week, our QC will check piece to piece and proceed to packing.

Feel free to write us if we need the best black basalt from Vietnam.
We have a constant quarry of blocks and a top-notch factory in Vietnam.
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