Building Projects of G664-V Bainbrook Brown (Viet nam)

664V-Bainbrook Brown
Natural stone gives an intimate texture, or luxurious or simple, or timeless or restrained and G664-V Granite brings all feeling for your building and houses by a perfect combination of 3 colored middle-sized grains: brown, white and reddish
The color of it does not fade. The color you see of granite G664-V on the first day it is installed will remain the same even after 20 years down the road.
Its timeless elegance, outstanding hardness, and resistance to abrasion make this the perfect material for outdoor and indoor use. It is the best choice for the building facades, flooring of public areas, windowsills and skirtings, etc.

Today, to demonstrate its beauty, we would like to recommend some projects which are applied to Bainbrook granite from Viet Nam. 
Hoang Anh Gia Lai Hotel, the most Luxury Hotel in Gia Lai Province.
Hoang Anh Gia Lai Building in Binh Dinh Province.
There are many projects we cannot list in word and the beauty of each natural stone we cannot also be described in short text. It is stable believed that bring a natural stone, you are bringing the piece of nature back home
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