G664-Bainbrook Brown. Cherry Brown granite.A comperision between Vietnamese and Chinese granite.

664V-Bainbrook Brown
Durability, color richness, and shining make granite the first choice of all buyers. There are a lot of countries in the world that join in the process of granite from quarrying, processing and exporting.
At the moment,we would like to mention 2 countries where there are granites that seem to be similar, but in the fact that they have different point completely- Vietnamese granite and China Granite. 
Now, as a case in point, let’s look at G664- Bainbrook brown. Following is a comparison between G664-V in Vietnam and the original G664 in China based on selective features: Color, Quality, and Price. 

- The consistent Color: 
With the G664-V in Vietnam, this granite is a stable color with a combination of 4 colored small-sized grains: brown, reddish, white, and a hint of orange. The most important thing is that is a new quarry in which the color becomes consistent. On the contrary, G664 in China was kept in the stock for many seasons and the materials were collected from many quarries; the color is not stable for the whole order. Hence, G664-V has much prospect than Chinese G664
- The best Quality
G664 –China, as you can see, because the old G664 quarries in China have been closed since 2017, the materials in the stock as mentioned above were collected from many quarries before, were less choice of blocks. It is very hard to find the best quality for many orders or big orders. On the other hand, the quarry of this reddish granite is opening with the rich resource. They usually check quality at the beginning of choosing blocks at the quarry. If it does not meet the standard, they will reject it immediately. Therefore, we can say the Vietnamese Cherry brown granite is better quality Chinese one
-The competitive price:
It is clear that the material is still available in stocks, is no longer abundant of martial, so the price is expensive. In Vietnam, The new quarry which has productivity of 3000m3/month, The quarry and the factory is under one with cheap labor, electricity and inland logistic. This is why you are more likely to find beautiful granite at a more affordable price.

Pagoda-Build Vietnam is proud of being a supplier of G664- Bainbrook Brown in Vietnam.
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